Gourmet Chocolate


NZ General Manager Glenn Yeatman joined C-Corp Solomon Islands In 2011. It was during this time he convinced his boss, Clive Carroll that it was a good idea to add value to the Solomon Island cocoa by manufacturing in New Zealand.

"With the head office in Solomon Islands and branches in Vanuatu, and Sydney, it made sense to manufacture our products in NZ supported by its clean green image. Corp now registered in N.Z and has every intention of staying right here in Tauranga" said Mr Mr Yeatman

Glen Yeatman said "C-Corp has been investing in the Solomon Islands for the past six years, developed from three cocoa plantations (approx. 250 ha) C-Corp runs a 100 ton ship to trade and collect cocoa from C-Corp agents based on the Islands, and has an office and grading factory in Honiara, accessing cocoa for export. The success of C-Corp N.Z would have a huge impact and flow through to our growers as the world cocoa crop is aging and in serious need of help".

"We believe in this product for many reasons, but for me the main reason is simple - a happy plant in its most perfect environment will produce happy ,perfect, fruit - the fact that the Solomon island people have never used fertilizer because natural mulching and ideal growing conditions speaks for itself" he said

With an estimated 2000 tonnes per annum direct from C-Corp to Tauranga for further processing. High quality gourmet chocolate will be destined at wholesale, direct to hundreds of small chocolate makers throughout New Zealand who don't have the capacity to refine cocoa mass or coca nibs further. Exporting the quality gourmet chocolate is an incredibly exciting prospect to say the least, with Japan and China in C-Corp sights.

For more information contact Glenn Yeatman, C Corp Office NZ, Tel +6475743022 gyeatman@c-corpnz.co.nz