Kapiti Kitchen


Kapiti Kitchen is a company that makes fruit syrups from fresh raw materials. The journey started from a children school fair which then developed into a much-demanded recipe, moving into the first sales in 2005. Sue Graafland (the company’s owner) had tested around 150 recipes to achieve the right flavors combinations involving ginger, elderflower, Manuka honey and, tamarillo.

As Kapiti Kitchen grows, the company is always in the search for experimental, out-of -the-ordinary combinations of flavors. In 2013, Kapiti Kitchen approached Massey University/FoodPilot for assistance on R&D of their current products formulations and shelf life stability. The FoodPilot was able to support Kapiti with various experimental trials, data collection and scientific recommendations on each product.

This year, Kapiti Kitchen is coming back to the FoodPilot for further academic and processing advice on R&D based on their new line of products to enter the market late this year. Kapiti Kitchen is a clear example of a start-up business that has grown to a medium size company, with distribution all over New Zealand including large supermarket chains. This is also an example of a company that needed scientific support to achieve their desired end products and production resources offered at the FoodPilot facility for further expansion.

The New Zealand beverage industry is constantly growing and processes can be simple and standard, however for craft business using ‘fresh raw materials’, keeping the quality constant and preserving the nutritional attributes is the challenge.