Little Island Coconut Creamery


Tommy and James are the inventors of Nice Blocks and Nice Cream, the dairy free coconut cream based frozen desserts that have taken New Zealand by storm. Off the back of their win at the 2014 New Zealand Food Awards Tommy and James really wanted to identify a new product line utilising their existing cornerstone ingredient - coconut cream. They settled on coconut drinking milk. This would prove to be an innovative approach or ‘shake up’ to the chilled milk product category. Traditionally long life milk alternatives have been relegated to aseptic tetra bricks in the dry aisle of the supermarket. They set out to change the occasion and location for their product bringing it to sit front and center with all other chilled milks in the supermarket.

“The FoodBowl was the best choice for this product development as it is geared to supply not only highly technical food processing advice but also is equipped with the appropriate pilot plant technology to achieve real world commercial trial runs and insights into how projects can effectively be scaled for bigger productions. The FoodBowl team offered very sound advice with everything from formulation to advising on food safety plans for each process undertaken.” – explains Tommy Holden, founder of Tommy and James

"Through our work with the FoodBowl facility we were essentially able to eliminate any question marks with our formulation and processes. Doing this on such a small scale with no real risk gave us the confidence as a small operation to commit to a major run of our product through a third party co-packer. This would not have been achievable or feasible without the ability to prove and test the product on the smaller pilot lines at the FoodBowl.”