No Ugly Wellness Tonic


Two years ago, when Aaron and Jo Taylor wanted to develop their ‘No Ugly’ wellness drinks brand, they came to the FoodBowl. They already had the inspiration, they needed the know-how. “We couldn’t have done this without The FoodBowl, “ says Aaron. ‘We had to have volume, and quality consistently on spec. We needed issues like carbonation not ‘sort of’ right, but just right. In fact, it was critical to have every aspect of production optimal. The staff at The FoodBowl are fantastic, brilliant, and truly hands-on. We went from sipping benchtop test samples at someone’s house to achieving complete control over the product.” This gave the Taylors the confidence to invest in what they believed.

The timing was perfect, too. Health beverages are a fast-growing $US90 billion market in America, and No Ugly has just shipped its first container-load there, marketing through Amazon. This particular drink category is now worth a healthy $800m in New Zealand too, and although No Ugly is still a niche brand it’s thriving. “We’re punching above our weight” is how Aaron puts it. 

The appeal behind their tonics is simplicity itself. ‘No Ugly’ is just what it says on the label: no allergens, gluten, egg, milk, peanuts or any additives of concern to health-conscious consumers. Instead, their wellness flavours (including plum, ginger, cranberry and cucumber) are packed with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. They have a worldwide patent pending on a collagen & pine bark fusion supplement full of potent antioxidants.

After The FoodBowl helped No Ugly bring their beverages to market, the tonics were picked up by the Better Drinks Company, which has enabled NZ-wide coverage. “We’re good in our neighbourhood” reckons Aaron Taylor. Deals are now being finalised with partners across the Tasman to get No Ugly on Australian shelves too.

“RTD health in a bottle is right on trend” says Aaron. “We knew it would be, but our backgrounds were in advertising not nutrition. We ‘came in green’ and it was amazing to tap into that instant expertise that The FoodBowl was able to provide. More than that, they were diplomatic and friendly and didn’t treat us like idiots. They just had all the skills we needed, and equipment like the Hunter Filler and the Carbonator, to make a consistent product.

We just wanted to make wellness drinks and have people who bought them function and feel better. That’s what we told the people at The FoodBowl we were setting out to do, and they made it happen for us. It was so seamless.”