Organic Bee Venom Honey


Warren Mills and Marina Strioukova are the innovative beekeepers behind ‘Bee’s Care’, the latest product launch from Mills Farm.

Located in Kaitaia, Northland Mills Farm harvest their bee hives in keeping with the Hua Parakore philosophy. This philosophy encompasses traditional Māori values for producing pure products, where the environment, harmony, animal welfare and sustainability are at the fore front of primary food production.

The Hua Parakore way has led Warren and Marina to become the first New Zealand beekeepers to receive their Hua Parakore Korowai which was granted by Te Waka Kai Ora, the Māori organic organisation.

Warren and Marina first contacted The FoodBowl as they wanted to produce a small batch of their unique manuka honey and bee venom blend to test in the Japanese market. Mills Farm are the only producer of certified organic bee venom in the world. Bee Venom needs to be processed under very strictly controlled conditions, which is where the very high manufacturing and compliance standards at The FoodBowl come in. 

After rigorous planning with the client, The FoodBowl was able to offer a suitable solution with the correct equipment, applied knowledge and RMP export certification required to achieve a successful outcome.  The FoodBowl also offered advice and connections to providers who can help with other aspects of the Mills farm business – such as export market planning.

The ‘Bees’ Care’ product is a stellar example of why The FoodBowl and the wider Food Innovation Network was established; to support the growth of innovation added value, export focused food and beverage products.

Warren and Marina are confident that the volume of their sales to Japan will grow and are very grateful for the support that The FoodBowl was able to provide