Otis Oat M!lk – New Zealand’s First Oat Milk!


The café scene is changing fast, new trends are passing one another before we even realise it. What has not changed however is New Zealand’s love of the flat white, friend of neuro surgeon and street sweeper alike. Nothing unites us more than some frothed milk and a solid shot of coffee, but nothing annoys a barista like an alternative milk that refuses to froth. That’s why FoodSouth has the great pleasure of introducing New Zealand’s first domestic Oat M!lk. Forget the flat white and say hello to the Flat Oat. Smooth, delicious, creamy plant-based milk that froths as well as, if not better than cow’s milk.

Tim and Chris from Otis approached FoodSouth to develop a production and packaging method with the distinct instructions that their Oat M!lk had to outperform all other alternative milks in terms of café functionality, whilst upholding ingredient provenance and taste. The FoodSouth Operations team are happy to say that after many days spent in the pilot plant, several late-night calls checking on shipments and many erm ah… coffee trials, some of New Zealand’s top baristas have said they now prefer to work with Otis Oat M!lk instead of regular cow’s milk. To put your mind at ease over thoughts of wasteful shipping miles, all of the ingredients are grown right here in New Zealand with Southland oats and Canterbury rapeseed oil.

“We started Otis with one clear purpose, to play a part in elevating the conversation about the need for New Zealand to diversify its agriculture sector, away from our economic dependence on dairy and toward a more sustainable plant-based future. It is no secret we live in increasingly dire times (as is evident from the recent Environment Aotearoa report) so hopefully, Otis can play a small part in continuing the debate about how NZ can steer toward being a world leader in plant-based food production”

Tim and Chris have successfully completed a soft launch in several Dunedin cafés where their milk has out preformed all other alternative milks offered. Focused on minimising their environmental impact, the duo are pushing for a more sustainable packaging solution before committing to supermarket shelves. Recently progressing through to the finals of the NZ Food Awards shows that there is a bright future ahead.

So remember, next time you’re in a café think Flat Oat and prepare yourself for an Earth friendly take on a NZ favourite.