Pure Food Co


Sam’s world changed forever when he watched a family member’s illness make it impossible for him to eat normal food, requiring a radically modified diet that was safe to swallow. The emotional impact set off a journey of discovery to uncover how other people with such challenges cope.His research revealed the eating experience for far too many people was far from ideal. They were forced to consume unappealing purées, resorting to baby food, or most worryingly, simply giving up and no longer eating at all.

Sam and co founders Maia and George decided to do something about the situation. The people they had spoken with had convinced them that:If texture modified foods are nutritious and delicious then people's quality of life will be significantly improved.Sam and Maia began researching texture modified foods and spoke to caregivers, patients, doctors, dentists and clinicians who specialised in eating difficulties that make it difficult to chew, swallow or digest. They developed a plan for an alternative and set to work with a team of experts to create Pure Food.The result is a triumph of taste in a range of fresh, easy to provide, nourishing and delicious meals; pure and gentle soft foods that can help people thrive when they are at their most vulnerable.Pure Food offers a cost-effective, nutritionally balanced, energy-rich range of foods that not only taste great but look great as well.