Ready to Drink Green Kava


Inspired by his travels to Vanuatu, Zbigniew Dumienski of The Kava Society embarked on supplying the world with high quality bottled green kava pressed from fresh kava roots.

Zbigniew knew this goal would be challenging for many reasons. All previous attempts to produce a bottled kava drink made from only fresh kava roots and water had failed. The Kava Society’s research saw lots of trial and error that lead Zbigniew to seek the help of The FoodBowl to refine the process for commercial production.

There were many formulation refinements and numerous equipment changes before a process was finally discovered to produce high quality bottled green kava using a safe and commercially viable method.

 ‘It offered a unique combination of access to advanced technology, expertise, friendly and encouraging staff and a wide network of other research facilities, businesses and government bodies. And all that available and accessible not just to established giants, but actually people like us, small start-ups with limited funds and connections’says Zbigniew

Zbigniew recommends connecting with The FoodBowl for those looking to develop a new product or for those who have an innovative idea for a high value product but lack the capability to invest in their own infrastructure. When asked how he found The FoodBowl experience, Zbigniew had the following remarks;

 ‘It's been fantastic. Far from merely providing a space and equipment, The FoodBowl actually supported us and guided us through the complexities of developing and launching a new product. It's been very tough due to the nature of our product, but thanks to The FoodBowl's staff and dedication we've succeeded in creating the world's first shelf stable, ready-to drink, all-natural kava.’

Quite simply, the project would not have succeeded without The FoodBowl.’