Revolutionary Probiotic Beverage


When business partners Don Pearson and Andre Prassinos founded BioBrew in 2009 they set themselves a goal to develop the finest probiotics on the planet.

After successfully entering the animal nutrition sector with the launch of a range of probiotic products for livestock, horses and plants, BioBrew wanted to conquer the human nutrition market.

BioBrew embarked on a journey that first saw them engage with Callaghan Innovation for R&D support. Later, they engaged with The FoodBowl for scale up and for the commercial launch of their product ‘LiveBrew’, a carefully formulated beverage containing living probiotic lactobacilli which promote healthy micro gut flora in our digestive systems.

The rationale for partnering with The FoodBowl was obvious for Andre and Don for various reasons:

  • A smooth easy integration from Callaghan Innovation to The FoodBowl as both companies have a strong working relationship
  • The flexibility and adaptability of the export quality facility and the staff
  • The regulatory and compliance certification that governs production at The FoodBowl allowed BioBrew to produce without having to apply for their own certification
  • The solid value for money and invaluable return on investment in terms of knowledge shared and connections made from a can-do friendly team
  • The ability to grow in a strategic way that de-risked growth 

When asked how their experience of using The FoodBowl has been, Andre from BioBrew had the following comment:

‘Excellent. We have a great time working there. The staff are very helpful and the problems that always arise as you deploy new products in a new manufacturing environment are handled with good cheer in a highly collaborative and creative manner. We would absolutely recommend The FoodBowl to others. There is no finer F&B prototyping and early commercialisation facility in NZ. It is a pleasant and enthusiastic working environment with superb facilities and equipment.’

BioBrew describe The FoodBowl as the missing link that allowed them to take their product from concept to commercial reality. ‘The FoodBowl is central to our plans for growth and new product development. For those with a great food or beverage idea, The FoodBowl is where to make it happen!’