Sanford Limited is New Zealand’s oldest publically listed company (listed in 1904) and is NZ’s largest seafood company.

New Zealand has the 4th largest Exclusive Economic Zone in the world, at 4.4 million km², 15 times the size of the land area and we have the 9th longest coast line in the world at 15,134km. The NZ Seafood industry is NZ’s 5th largest export industry at NZ$1.5b, however in relation to the world seafood industry the New Zealand industry produces less than half a percent of the world’s seafood supply.

Sanford’s history involves growth mainly through acquisition of other companies, farming operations and quota. The opportunities for future growth in wild fisheries volumes in NZ waters is limited. The industry in NZ is highly consolidated but not highly organised in terms of what it can offer to the world food industry. Sanford Limited is strongly focused on the sustainable and responsible utilisation of marine resources.

Investment in innovation is Sanford’s greatest opportunity to increase its sales and improve profitability by adding value to its activities, and by ensuring the maximum possible return for a relatively fixed resource. Innovation is considered a core growth strategy.

Sanford has partnered with the FoodBowl to progress a range of seafood derived by-product processing opportunities with a view on short and medium term commercial outcomes. The FoodBowl facility not only represents a location to carry out pilot plant work but also provides a multifaceted service for process and system development.

It is important to Sanford’s development work that the facility has the appropriate food safety standards and can meet relevant market access requirements. Having the connections to facilitate discussions with appropriate equipment manufacturers and possible future commercials partners for both the manufacture and retail of these types of products was also a positive outcome for the partnership between Sanford and the FoodBowl.

“The walk in, walk out service is a unique, convenient and efficient option and the ability to export food grade products from the pilot facility is of significant value.

With extensive and flexible equipment options and accommodating and friendly staff the FoodBowl team have provided a no hassle solution for Sanford’s challenging innovation work” quotes Andrew Stanley, General Manager of Innovation for Sanford.