Small Canterbury Business Looks to Future of Protein


Brad Lake and Stephen McIntosh of Beefy Greens looked to the future and took a leap of faith. Realizing that consumers were looking to move away from animal protein, they invested in Hemp, a soon to be de-regulated crop packed full of protein, beneficial fats and fibre. While hemp oil was their natural first step, the duo were keen to utilize their waste by extracting protein from the pressed seed cake.

Beefy Greens approached FoodSouth – Otago (FSO) with the aim of developing a protein extraction method suitable for pressed hemp seed. The resulting protein powder was then to be formulated into flavoured high protein drinks suitable for athletes.

The result? After sending samples of the extracted protein and drink formulations to Brad and Stephen they “got a bit excited”. After FSO Technical Manager Alex Nicolle further refined the extraction process to produce a soluble high protein powder and formulate 3 sugar free instant beverages, the company kicked into high gear.

Keen to grow their business, Beefy Greens have made connections with hemp growers around Canterbury and partnered with The Two Raw Sisters to develop a range of high protein, natural products.

In a classic example of the pathway offered by the NZ Food Innovation Network, Beefy Greens is planning to scale up production using the Devanter/Clarifier based at FoodSouth’s Lincoln facility. This will allow marketable quantities of protein to be produced and scale up methods to be developed in preparation for contract manufacturing.

With an eye to the future and armed with more exciting byproducts of the hemp protein extraction, Brad and Stephen are excited to continue partnering with FoodSouth and FoodSouth – Otago.

Rest assured, the feeling is definitely mutual!

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