The Brothers Green - Hempy Bar


How do you turn a trending hero ingredient into a convenient, plant-based snack which is healthy and nutritious? 

How do you transition from the local farmers market to contract manufacture? 

These are just some of the questions faced by The Brothers Green when they decided to launch their Hempy Bar to New Zealand.

Luckily, FoodSouth were there to help.

FoodSouth had been working closely with the Brothers since 2017 and while their key ingredient hemp wasn’t approved until 2018, the boys were never phased about pushing on.

After winning FoodStarter 2018, with a prize package including $15,000 of in-kind support from FoodSouth, we were able to kick-start the scale-up in earnest.

Progressing steadily through the design stages from development at FoodSouth – Otago’s NPD research centre at Otago University, to scale up trials at FoodSouth in Lincoln, the bars began to take shape. What eventuated were gluten free, vegan bars packed full of the goodness that hemp provides.

After a few iterations to make sure the product was deemed tasty and delicious by their toughest critics (kids).  FoodSouth worked with The Brothers Green to identify a suitable contract manufacturer, then supported the transition from our scale-up facility at FoodSouth to commercial production of more than 98,000 Hempy Bars.

Working closely with the contract manufacturer removed much of the guesswork and minimised the amount of production trial runs – saving our client both money and time.

Brendon McIntosh (aka te Kaiwhakahaere of The Brothers Green) says “Our Hempy Bars were made for children and families. They are gluten free, dairy free, nut free, low in sugar and 100% plant-based – all these characteristics are increasingly sought after by consumers. They really are a perfect superfood and snack for kids, and we’ve had a very enthusiastic response from all the children and adults who have tried them.”

The Hempy Bar is now available for purchase in the gluten free section of South Island New Worlds.