Tomette Soup


A wintry Sunday afternoon. Rain and hail lash the windows, red wine and rustic deliciousness are on the table. Three hours of indulgence follows, during which a conversation arises between Thomas and his friend about what a sad occasion the office weekday lunch is – a limp sandwich here, an overpriced salad there. They decide to compete to create the best weekday office lunch alternative. The only rule of the competition was the meal must be a Traditional French recipe, made using only local ingredients. The friends’ creations proved popular and a couple of years later when musing over what they could provide to Kiwis, they have an epiphany:What about making French cuisine accessible to Kiwis?

Tomette use The FoodBowl's equipment to produce their range of fine soups.

You can buy these at selected
- New World
- Farro Fresh
- and Nosh stores.