Westland Cream to China


Westland Cream to China

Reaping the rewards of UHT potential is Westland Milk Products, who recently secured a deal for Westgold UHT whipping cream.

Westland Milk Products, via their distribution partners in China (Fei Heng) advise they have secured a new large-scale Chinese order from the 85°C Bakery Café chain. The product is Westgold UHT whipping cream which is manufactured at Westland's Rolleston plant near Christchurch. Westland Chief Executive Toni Brendish said “By developing mutually beneficial relationships with key accounts and major distributors, we are able to use their resources, tied in with our expertise in high quality production using New Zealand milk, to gain traction for Westland in markets that have enormous potential." The 85°C Bakery Café is a Taiwanese-owned chain of coffee shops with almost 1000 branches located in Taiwan, China, Australia, Hong Kong and the United States. The Westgold UHT whipping cream will be used in the mainland China stores at this stage1.

FoodSouth, the southern hub of the New Zealand Food Innovation Network, worked closely with the Westland team in the initial stages of the UHT whipping cream project. FoodSouth have a mini-UHT system that enables product formulations to be fine-tuned before being run at large scale.

Says John Morgan, Chief Executive of FoodSouth, “We have deliberately built a mini-UHT with capability suited to Westland and other South Island UHT manufacturers. Our equipment operates at 60-to 100 litres per hour enabling firms to perfect product formulations before running them at production scale which can be 9,000 litres per hour. A trial batch from the FoodSouth Mini-UHT of 20 to 30 litres can be used for extensive testing such as functionality, shelf life and taste. Our food safety accreditations also mean samples can be shipped to many markets.”

The FoodSouth facility provides synergy with the other UHT capability that exists within the wider Food Innovation Network, specifically at The FoodBowl in Auckland and The FoodPilot in Palmerston North. Together they provide a developmental pathway from proof of concept to first market shipment.

For more information go to the Westland Milk (www.westlandmilk.co.nz) and Food Innovation Network (www.foodinnovationnetwork.co.nz) websites.