Sustainable Packaging – So what is best practice?
Oct 22

Sustainable Packaging – So what is best practice?

Event Date: 22 Oct 2020

Over recent years the heat has been on plastic packaging and in fact all packaging to be more sustainable. But what is sustainable packaging? What is its purpose and has that changed recently?

A survey this month of the food and beverage industry in NZ by The Food Innovation Network showed that demand for sustainability hasn’t gone away especially with respect to packaging.

Certainly, there is more focus on food and personal safety, and we are buying more online, a lot more.

So how do you choose the right packaging to provide safety, reduce waste and ship efficiently? Which material is right for you and your customers? The solution isn’t always obvious. You need to balance what your customers want with the environmental impact of your packaging and the cost and performance that it provides.

Join us for a 60-minute webinar to find how to evaluate your options and implement your best practice. Learn how life cycle thinking, product performance and design processes can enable better outcomes for you and your customers.

Our presenters are Allan Birch from Siempre Sustainable Solutions and Wymond Symes from Catalyst Ltd.

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About Siempre Sustainable Solutions

Siempre is a leading authority in sustainable packaging, providing best-practice approaches to process auditing, change management and corporate governance.

About Catalyst

Catalyst are sustainability consultants that specialise in environmental footprinting and sustainability reporting. They are experts in the life cycle assessment of packaging.

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