Sustainable Plant Protein Grown By Farmers Who Care
Jan 16

Sustainable Plant Protein Grown By Farmers Who Care

As the go-to for innovative F&B companies seeking scale, FoodSouth are well set up to cater for a range of clients at different stages of product development.

With the shift in demand towards more sustainable protein sources, we’re advancing our plant-based capabilities and have some exciting development planned.

We’re proud to be working with Leaft Foods, one of a number of FoodSouth clients supported by Callaghan Innovation with funding for their R&D projects.

Leaft Foods are combining existing and new technology with the aim of producing a range of high value leaf protein concentrate ingredients for leading food companies around the world. These protein products are expected to have high nutritional value and a lighter environmental footprint than either animal or grain-based sources of protein.

Ross Milne (GM, Leaft Foods) spoke at a recent seminar on Climate Smart Food Production, highlighting the need to move beyond alternative protein products that just mimic meat, and towards alternative proteins that also create value for food producers.

To learn more about Leaft’s mission click here

There is a lot of work and learning that goes into commercialising concepts at scale, and FoodSouth have the equipment and capability to deliver.

To learn more about how FoodSouth can support development of your innovative new food, ingredient or beverage product contact Tracey Sheehy (Business Development Manager).

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