The The FoodBowl partners with Sustainable Business Network
May 28

The The FoodBowl partners with Sustainable Business Network

We only have one planet, and one chance to save it. The The FoodBowl accelerates the growth of New Zealand Food and Beverage companies, and at the same time it wants that growth to be kind to the environment. We offer workshops and programmes that give businesses great sustainability tools.

We don’t do this alone; Planet Earth needs our collective help. The The FoodBowl (TFB) is a member of the Sustainable Business Network (you may have spied the SBN logo on our web page). SBN and TFB work together.

An excellent example this week is our hosting of James Griffin, with a debrief of findings from the SBN report, “New Zealand’s Plastic Packaging System – An Initial Circular Economy Diagnosis”. We all know that our approach to plastic packaging has to change… But how? James understands the feasibility problems in reducing plastic packaging, and he has smart ideas around how it can be tackled for all sorts of businesses.

In July, The The FoodBowl will host a circular economy panel discussion and further opportunities for a Circular Economy 101 half day workshop and seminars. The Circular Economy is practical – it has viable, low carbon alternatives to what we are doing now with the no-longer-practical ‘take-make-waste’ approach to using materials. This is very applicable to the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry; not just with packaging, but also food waste.

Because TFB works with many F&B companies as they develop and commercialise their new products, we can assist them as they design packaging for those products. We can also help them decide how to utilise waste streams. TFB has a database of more than 2,000 of these companies. We see this as a great opportunity to promote SBN training and initiatives.

Challenges, by definition, are not easy, but overcoming them can often be hugely important, and with sustainability can be win-win as well. We know there has been an explosion in the use of plastic packaging over the last 60 years. Systems to properly manage the plastic have not kept pace. There is a global waste and pollution crisis. At The The FoodBowl our aim is to help businesses change, and at the same time flourish. It’s a goal that is not only worthwhile; it is also well worth doing for your business model. We look forward to showing you what we and SBN can offer in 2019!

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