New service for food industry scans journals, patents and conferences for new technology
Feb 04

New service for food industry scans journals, patents and conferences for new technology

Consumers evolving requirements are continuing to drive global changes in what we eat, how it is delivered and how it is produced or sourced. These trends and new technologies are changing the narrative, so how can you stay on top of what is happening and what is being published? Massey University has a new scanning tool you can use to your advantage.

FoodPilot’s Nikki Middleditch, based at Massey says the new technology article scanning service available to food companies has access to journals, patents and conference proceedings. “We can do a one-off technology search and analysis to plug a gap or we can set up a routine periodic scan of your specified field(s) or an automated alert system. In addition, we have experts in the know and well-placed to identify technology advances matched to your fields of interest.”

“Often the best new technology comes from fields unrelated to food processing. Those are the quick wins – mature technology, affordable, understood and available – just new to food.”

Is there a new technology that you could use? Maybe a process using specific gases in bubbles of a few tens of microns across to control viscosity, a novel, reduced-pressure microwave drying technology, or a method to simplify the removal of labels from recycled beverage bottles? Researchers are making advances in ultrasonic technique to increase the aging rate of spirits and wine and in technology to reduce the mineral content of sugar solutions.

Synthetic meat has had much press recently, but researchers have also proposed synthetic production of a colostrum analogue. Some organisations report advances in solvent-types for extraction of valuable compounds from grape marc.

“The examples are many and this service can scan many hundreds of resources to deliver you the information available. We are also taking advantage of the broad resources to which Massey University has access, including our staff’s extensive contacts within the industry and academia” Nikki adds.

If you are interested, please contact at the FoodPilot, in confidence, to discuss how this service can assist you.

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