Webinar: Starting Your Supermarket and FMCG Journey
Jun 10

Webinar: Starting Your Supermarket and FMCG Journey

Event Date: 10 Jun 2020

This online workshop is aimed at startups and SMEs who are looking to work with supermarkets/FMCG or those who are just starting to get their products into stores. This is the ideal workshop if you want to a better understanding of the structure of the market, routes to market, and what you can do to increase your chances of successfully presenting your products for sale on retail shelves.

The topics to be covered include:

  • Structure of and how the New Zealand supermarkets operate
  • The opportunity the supermarkets represent
  • Setting up as a supplier with supermarkets
  • Successfully presenting products to category managers and store buyers
  • Product positioning, pricing and promotional requirements
  • Distribution routes to market and servicing the stores
  • How to get your product off the shelf and into shopping baskets
  • The costs of doing business with supermarkets
  • What is required to keep your products at the front of the minds of retailers.

Presenter Robert Wijchers is Managing Director of Traction Consulting and has 20 years of supermarket/FMCG experience to give you real practical insights and information on what you need to know to successfully work with supermarkets. He will focus on working with the two main New Zealand supermarket groups with information also applicable to other retail groups.

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