Zigloa Food Labelling Compliance Seminar
Mar 03

Zigloa Food Labelling Compliance Seminar

Event Date: 3 Mar 2020

Practical session on food labelling compliance from New Zealand’s leading expert, McFoodies, with the new compliance guidance tool, Zigloa.

McFoodies will present a seminar, at The FoodBowl, that will assist companies will their labelling compliance upskilling, using Zigloa. This is a practical session requiring the use of a laptop (or tablet) for attendees to practically complete a compliance review of one (or more) of their products. Please send through the label that you wish to review ahead of the seminar to: cathy@mcfoodies.co.nz

Using the new compliance guidance tool, Zigloa, as a guide, the specific and generic parts of the code pertaining to attendees products will be looked at, as you go through the review process. All attendees will get a free months subscription* to Zigloa, for them to practically take away from the session and practise their knowledge on other labels that may need review.

This four hour session will cover the different and core requirements that are generic to all labels produced e.g. format, declarations and more. There will be the ability to explore product specific parts of the code relevant to the attendees product they are reviewing. There will also be special focus will be on Additives and Claims and how to interpret the code.

This is a LIMITED EVENT. Due to the practical and individual nature of the seminar we have a maximum attendee count of 15, so do not delay in getting your ticket.

* Credit card is required to activate the account. Attendees can cancel at anytime and there is no commitment to continue with subscription.

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