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The New Zealand Food Innovation Network is a national network of open-access food and beverage production facilities enabling businesses to scale up and commercialise new products. From research and development, through to manufacturing, our government funded network provides a unique level of expertise and access to a diverse suite of manufacturing equipment.

Locations across NZ

We help businesses to innovate, scale up and commercialise new products. Our sophisticated production facilities enable research and development right through to manufacturing

Specialist Expertise

Our team brings together a huge depth of expertise and experience which is available to help you grow, develop, innovate, and thrive. If we can’t help, we’ll find someone who can!

F&B Directory

The NZ Food Technology News Directory is a comprehensive online directory for the F&B industry. Sign up today as a supplier, capability provider or individual, to get access to the F&B community

How can we help?

New product idea? We can guide you on the journey with expert advice and helpful resources.
Needing to grow? We have facilities and expertise to help you plan for growth, and to execute your plans.
Wanting to de-risk? We can help you run commercial trials and smooth the transition to a contract manufacturer or investment in your own processing facility.
Looking to export? We can help with the facilities and export compliance requirements to get that first container in the market.